: Isaiah K. Floyd

Contact: novate14@gmail.com or ifloyd313@ymail.com

Social Media: @n_ovate or @ifloyd313

Entity Name: N-OVATE

Objective of Blog Page: The purpose of this blog is to provide an open forum for community engagement and dialogue. This page will provide thinking points, and resources for individuals who look to explore entrepreneurship in fields of S.T.E.M, education, entertainment, retail, social media, community outreach and various others. OGI encourage the audience to provide feedback in the form of questions and or counter arguments to any of the content that is posted. Moreover, I encourage the audience to ask original provocative questions that could potentially ignite conversation and future blog posts. Ultimately, the posts and material will be utilized in order to create auxiliary components for future N-OVATE programs, workshops, and or mentorship programs. Additionally, some of the material that is discussed on this platform will eventually translate into public discussion points at N-OVATE functions where professionals and entrepreneurs are able to provide thoughtful answers. I aspire to be as transparent as possible in this blog so if there is any areas that I could be more explicit please notify me.

Mission: To develop and inspire minority males ages 14-22 to become educated, innovative entrepreneurs, and to cultivate a community of minority male leaders.

Motto: Igniting, Infinite, Innovation

Vision Statement– N-ovate’s vision is to cultivate creative entrepreneurial intellects while inspiring young minority males to emerge as leaders in their communities.

Overview of Programs: N-ovate programming looks to bridge academics, leadership, and entrepreneurship.IMG_1464 These three concepts appear to be very different from the surface level however within each of these concepts

lies many similar fundamental ideas or characteristics that must be possessed by an individual in order for them to emerge as either a scholar, leader, or entrepreneur or a combination of the three. The N-ovate team firmly believes that through the cultivation of each of these principles you can create independent self-sufficient thinkers who can become financially literate, self-sustainable, ultimately becoming a male who is assured and influential.


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