The Importance of Communication in Building a Business Network

As a product of the technology generation I have found myself and many of my peers losing the concept and appreciation of building and maintaining relationships. With the accessibility and availability of technology we have become detached from physical communication, we have become adept at hiding behind screens and creating facades of who we imagine ourselves being. IMG_1501
If you were to do a poll of freshmen in high school and ask them which medium of communication would they prefer to address an issue, via social media(technology) or in public capacity, I am willing to bet that a majority of the students would respond without hesitation that they would rather operate in the technological capacity. You may counter and say this selection is because of inherent discomfort or is it a discomfort caused by lack of practice and preparation. Before you get defensive and say  who are you to bash technology, you hypocrite and you are using a technological platform to disseminate this message. Yes, I understand and acknowledge that in order to create this blog I am utilizing a social platform in a technological capacity, however I would never substitute physical interaction for social media interactions.

The importance of physical communication and interpersonal skill is paramount in building a functioning business network; you must not only be able to walk the walk you must also talk the talk if you are solely operating within the constraints of your email address and Instagram handles your message is simply losing poignancy. I would suggest you reach out and meet with whomever in a physical capacity. Exchange greetings and take the time to get to know the individual person vs the IG handle, be sure to exchange contact information in order to arrange a future meeting time and place, when doing this it helps to have business cards(vista-print link). Plus, it never hurts to get a free coffee or tea out of the whole ordeal.


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