Huh? What Is a Professional Network?

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others”

In the previous blog post I discussed communication in the context of networking, what role it plays and how we can leverage strong communication skills in our favor when attempting to build a professional network. I am circling back around with this blog after realizing I neglected to discuss the concept of a professional networking in detail. Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) what is a professional network? What is the importance of building and maintaining a professional network? How does a successful professional network operate and how can I construct one.


Each of these questions are pertinent and are necessary to answer when brainstorming strategies to construct your own professional network . Starting with the first question What is a professional network? A professional network can be equated to a web of individuals who communicate, program, collaborate and support each others endeavors. Actions that are typical of networking participants are but are not limited to, providing technical assistance, guidance, advice, professional opportunities . It is often that individual networks intersect with with surrounding networks which breeds a more poignant connection. Constructing and refining a professional networ is critical in securing opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable to you if you had not created that connection. 

How does a professional network operate and what are the necessary tools needed in order to construct a professional network? Firstly, when answering this question you must realize that a professional network is only as efficient and functional as its facilitator. if you the facilitator are not intentional in cultivating the necessary characteristics and skills(transparency,  explicitness, articulation, confidence, committed to distinguishing your image, organization, initiator, and motivated) then it will be difficult to sustain a fluently operating network.

If there are any areas of deficiency please notify me.


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