Embracing Individuality In a Conformist Society

“If there’s a book you really want to read but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it”

-Toni Morrison

Navigating through a world where we are rewarded for “checking the box” often time simple endeavors, and life in general can become rather mundane and draining. It appears with every movement we begin to lose a layer of our individuality, while generic constructs begin to pervade our lives. In every facet of life we are conditioned to operate within societal parameters; boundaries that have been prescribed by society prior to our birth. From the outset it is engrained in many of our minds that venturing IMG_3356outside of these societal boundaries is forbidden, this sentiment is reinforced in many of our societal institutions. Furthermore, being “content”  with the options that are provided to us has become commonplace and widely accepted, thus leaving a small margin for individuality. My call and challenge to individuals is to contest this notion, if you see a deficiency in an industry or area and have identified a viable prescription to the resolve the problem, be bold and confident and pursue the idea. If you aren’t willing to expend energy into your individual business ventures then you can’t expect others to invest their efforts and labor either. Be comfortable in cultivating your idea’s and remain unequivocal  and intense when describing your endeavors to someone else, no matter a prospective client or a casual acquaintance.

Please to my audience please comment and remain active and engaged. Thank you!


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