Breaking Away From Institutional Shackles?

“I am what time, circumstance, history, have made of me, certainly, but I am also, much more than that. So are we all.”

– James Baldwin

I find myself branching off and reflecting, trying to identify various trends within our community that are problematic. I was able to identify a disheartening constant; the commentary I am not proud to say appropriately represents my generation and or race, one that has proven “problematic”. I have found that often times we have grown dependent on institutions or systems that have not necessarily been designed to propel us forward, systems where the more you pay and fuel the tighter the metaphorical nuce gets. One whose henchmen masquerade as resources and tools for clients. On a foundational level the principles of these institutions weren’t created with us in mind, they don’t factor in the adversity, the oppression, the financial hardships that our ancestors have endured for many decades, and in many of our marginalized communities these issues still persist. The very stanchions these institutions rest upon weren’t designed to withstand the micro-aggressions, and stereotypes that fill our ears and penetrate our hearts on a daily basis.

IMG_1515However, we are supposed to openly prescribe to these systems and openly operate within them as though these systems and their model have a direct correlation to its participants. It’s no wonder we often identify voids in these systems, no wonder we constantly utter the phrase of i’m struggling to find my “niche”.

The unfortunate commentary is we utilize these systems to validate ourselves. Personally, I find an issue with that how will we ever be able to truly obtain value in a system that was never designed to value or validate us in fact many argue it was meant to inhibit us with its various levels of bureaucracy and layer upon layers of stipulations and clauses. Yet still we invest endless hours and inordinate amounts of energy into defending these systems. We argue the point that we must work with what we have, or we often times pose the question of what are our alternative options, yet we constantly overlook ourselves as viable architects of these avenues, I guess we are too busy discounting our intelligence and capabilities, or perhaps to busy partaking in turn-ups and kickbacks, or just so complacent that we shy away from being innovators and thinkers and rest our hats on being spot up shooters and metaphor reciters. We fail to realize we possess the ability to challenge, to empower, to cultivate, and to ignite or more fitting ignite infinite innovation we’d rather defer this ignition process to someone who has no affiliation to us.



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