This Crippling Thing Called “Fear”

“I have learned over the years that when one’s mind is made up, this diminishes fear; knowing what must be done does away with fear.”

– Rosa Parks

I am a firm believer of support systems and external advocates in fact during my formative years I became incredibly reliant on these systems and tools that were instituted in order to help propel me towards success, whether it be in a academic, or social capacity. However, this dependency became a deficiency, when these pillars were not clearly visible I became afraid to proceed, my lacking confidence, apprehension and fear of failure began to hinder my progress and success. This mentally manufactured poison began to permeate into various facets of my life essentially crippling me and rendering me immobile. This psychological impediment commonly known as “failure” prevented me from pursuing and exploring avenues, and instead of challenging the concept I elected to acquiesce to its submission and look to  things that were seen as safe or traditional. I ultimately elected to travel down the path that wasn’t littered with barriers and obstacles, only to find out that this generic path leads to discontent and a loss of oneself. IMG_2932In between my gasps for air my thoughts and aspirations became minuscule and confining, unbeknowst to me I had relinquished my metaphorical canvas to society, along with my metaphorical painting instruments I had deposited my individuality and innovation into words of affirmation, the acquisition of items, and intangible concepts, instead of reserving that to myself. I challenge my audience and readers to take back your individuality and innovation and reinvest it into yourself. If you desire it, and it is healthy to your mind, body and spirit; pursue it.

Once again please leave feedback so I can further refine my material!


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