When Will the Clock Strike “Right”?

“Fear is a disease that eats away at logic and makes man inhuman.”
-Marian Anderson

Many of my academic, business, and social ventures were delayed due to me frequently questioning and pondering whether it was the “right” time for me to make the attempt. Much of my apprehension stemmed from me over-assessing scenarios, this eventually led to me convincing myself that I was not financially stable enough to inherit this investment, or often times I allowed external voices to define what I was and was not capable of. Simultaneously, as I began to subscribe to these pessimistic views, they began to plague my mind and my life trajectory, resulting in me creating excuses as to why I was not in a optimal situation necessary to achieve success in the endeavor. FullSizeRender-5The more I began to embrace my imperfections and as I began to filter through the external voices and my internal voices that attempted to deter me, I realized there would never be a “right” time to strive for my aspirations. This metaphorical “right” time didn’t exist, in fact I realized that the time was then, and I had been wasting it all while over-analyzing. I am here to say yes, it is ok to brainstorm and prepare for an investment and or venture however, it is not ok to be stagnant while doing so. Remain progressive in your steps and always take small steps to achieving your goal. No matter if it is simply sending out an email to position yourself for the next phase.

To my audience I encourage you all to leave feedback and any comments. These posts are created to catalyze discussion. Thank you.


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