The Transformation of a Legacy

“Open your eyes, look within. Are you satisfied with the life you’re living”

-Bob Marley

“Legacy” a word that to me was typically synonymous with the most prominent athletic figures at least as a youth this was the case. I thought of the word legacy being attached to 63 point scoring outbreaks in pivotal playoff games or walk off home runs in a deciding game of the world series. Never did it dawn on me that I could one day construct a generational legacy; one that transcended my lifetime, and traversed into my grandkids and great-grandchildrens lifetime. I simply believed that if I were capable of obtaining a traditional job that generated a six-figure income that, that would automatically translate into my children or grand-children being financially stable. However, I was sadly mistaken. Another misconception that plagued my conceptions was believing that generational legacies only equated to a dollar amount or material assets that I left for my children to inherit. I was also sadly mistaken when it came to this notion.IMG_3497Generational legacies encompass more than just a monetary amount it includes vehicles for your children to create money or assets(business entities), ideologies that one holds close, a mentality, the concept in its essential form covers a multitude of areas. As I further dissected the term I began to analyze the importance of leaving my children a sturdy legacy. I began to internalize the evolution of a legacy, what it meant to me and I ultimately realized I wanted to take the necessary steps in order to began to assemble that paradigm of a legacy. I asked myself why continue to neglect something that is so vital to my future offsprings. I charge my audience to channel their inner foresight and began to ponder on how your decisions now will impact you offsprings.

To my audience, I encourage feedback and responses if my written works provoke a reaction then please leave a comment.


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