Don’t Let Pervasive Influences Dictate Your Decisions

“Defining myself, as opposed to being defined by others, is one of the most difficult challenges I face.”

Carol Moseley-Braun

Don’t let external views pervade your thoughts of yourself. This blog aligns closely to previous blogs that I have produced however, as of recent elements of this blog have become rather pertinent to my current situation and endeavors. As of recent I come to the realization that I have completely lost the perception of myself and what I desire for myself in order to appease actors outside of myself. It is imperative that you define yourself prior to exposing yourself to outsiders. IMG_1728This ideal is exasperated when it comes to making decisions, all decisions should be dictated by oneself, ultimately the individual who is most greatly impacted, that being yourself, therefore making decisions in order achieve or attain some sort of affirmation is an erroneous way of making a decision. Make the decision that firstly, represents and embodies your beliefs and core values secondly, is logical and can be executed by employing a concise plan, and lastly, enhances yourself and makes sense to you, your goals and desires for yourself and or entity. Don’t let an independent actor or entity dictate your direction it is your direction because you own it and you are the captain of it so navigate it, take the helm and maneuver through your narrative as a captain would and dDon’t treat your captainship as though you are a co captain. Embrace the cynics perception and channel it in a positive direction.


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