Systematically Structured and Mathematically Designed

“A violinist had a violin, a painter his palette. All I had was myself. I was the instrument that I must care for.” –

-Josephine Baker

Formula’s? The death of my high school career or rather a mathematicians ally, it can all be quantified by personal interpretation. However recently via discussion I was presented with a new outlook toward formula’s. This ideal slightly deviated from your typical slope-intercept equation and introduced some new variable’s, granted you still have an input and output your variables resemble activity vs letters. This new approach towards formulas is a rather abstract and unique way of yielding products but not mathematical products, community enhancement and social reformation products, products that could potentially shape the trajectory of your business and or initiative.FullSizeRender-6It works something like this, when you have a idea or are inspired by something you identify that and then plug it into a formula. The key is developing a system similar to your y=mx+b principles but geared toward your business. Provide yourself rigid deadlines for deliverables regarding phases, and be sure to adhere to these deadlines. To provide a hypothetical. Say your sending out a follow up email from an individual you met at a networking, event make sure you respond within a 24-48 hour window, this can be represented by(M) with the email be sure to include a specific detail about that individual or their business, this can be represented by(X), and lastly articulate to them why you are contacting them and explain why your interaction was beneficial, this being(B). These steps ultimately yield an effective email, which is(Y). Be cognizant of the amount of time each of these steps requires, hence time management will dictate how effective your formula is. This is a very rudimentary example however was used to capture the notion that this process must be concise and meticulous in its execution and once you develop that system it will be easier to produce material in a more efficient manner. I charge you to go out and create your own Pythagorean theorem for the next social entrepreneurship venture!



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