The Correlation Between Movement and Success

“Inaction destroys more lives than bad decisions”

-Paul Carrick Brunson

This concept has lingered in my head for quite sometime and the urgency and excitement to create a blog on this topic has increased drastically. This topic stems from a previous blog that I created however I felt it needed to be reviewed and refined. The idea of stagnation plagues many people, and bullies them into a dark corner often becoming difficult to escape. The concept of movement, and creating a progressive step or action is imperative and must be completed. Understanding that making a move and failing is just as impactful as making a move and succeeding. We must branch away from the idea that every movement must result in a success, and realize that even in our positive steps comes failure, however in that failure lives success, a success that manifests in a future context. 19-IMG_0026-2A failed idea can ultimately manifest into a successful venture. When it comes to discovery, the formation of a business entity, relationships, or anything of this nature, it is imperative that you remain progressive and in state of motion. Shifting into a phase of complacency can become rather easy and almost natural, especially when you have a plethora of other responsibilities and obligations to tend too, however you must be intentional in your endeavors and efforts. Whether it be being decisive in determining whether a project is beneficial to the organization or trying to decide what your next investment you must be so adamant and insistent that this step is a paramount and an imperative movement that no matter what manifests of this you will emerge unscathed and in fact enlightened and enriched. Inactivity results in a guaranteed failure whereas activity results in catalyzing unprecedented ideas. 


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