The Dichotomy of a Slave and a Master

“The hardest part of being successful is believing you are exactly where you are supposed to be when you are not where you want to be”


I had an interesting conversation with a peer a few days back regarding the dichotomy of slaves and masters. We were discussing mentalities and cognizance, and how individuals are mentally hardwired when it comes to business and entrepreneurial ventures. During the conversation it was stated that for an individual who owns their own business is a master whereas on the contrary an individual who works for someone else is a slave. On the surface level I comprehended his logic however beyond that I questioned many of its components, it actually slightly angered me. He justified his position by stating business owners posses a mindset that cannot be acquired, basically sentencing individuals who did not posses this mentality to indefinite slavery and a lifetime of submissive behavior, and ingratiating themselves to whoever was the metaphorical “master”. I felt as though I had been shot with a bullet loaded with fallacy and lies. What I honestly feel infuriated me the most was this individuals sentiment had essentially stripped individuals of their inherent ability to exercise choice, a basic function that we are granted had been disabled. This entire encounter really forced me to reflect on what about entrepreneurship captivated me most, why have I become so infatuated with the concept of creating a brand that correlates directly to its creator, and can evolve into whatever its sculptor decides. Since then I have prescribed my question a solution or rather answer, I realized it was the amount of choice entrepreneurship provides, it allows a creative individual who thrives in the arts, and who was typically alienated by the school system a space to express and garner success doing something he/she is passionate about.IMG_3640 Its an uninhibited vehicle to infinite creativity and endless success no matter the individuals definition of success. It is the most malleable career because it has never assumed a shape, in essence shapeless. “Conformist” if you would view entrepreneurship as a scapegoat, a safe haven for individuals who didn’t “perform” well in school, however have lofty aspirations to obtain a job. To me I simply view it as the most viable option to discovering purpose and happiness. What taints the image of entrepreneurship is that it is commonly associated with exorbitant amounts of revenue and profit as a by product however, it is never placed under the lens of being a way of acquire fulfillment and happiness. Often times I get trapped in the mindset of entrepreneurship being solely defined by your Steve Jobs and Bill Gates however these are anomalies, entrepreneurship better represents the individuals who were marginalized by various institutions of society and decided to become proactive in their journey and emerge as the master of their fate and not spectators of the journey.


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