Success: Approach with Caution and Individuality

“Take the lesson as a blessing never harp on the pain. Life is a journey and the beauty of it is unknown.”


Success is a self determined concept and is really over time constructed from experiences, ideologies, and what satisfies particular persons intrinsically. The concept is composed of varying components whether it be achieving some degree of status, or simply eliminating all debt, it really runs the gambit in terms of how people define and view success. What makes this concept so unique is that it is truly in its most essential form a purely subjective concept it allows for individual interpretation and absolute autonomy meaning that if the concept is created as it should it would look like an uninfluenced and uninhibited piece of art that directly correlates and represents the artist.
IMG_3694The most common mistake in identifying or creating one’s artwork(success) is that many allow others perspectives and statements to dictate and influence their idea of success. Unfortunately this inability to create and define their own personal concept of “success” breeds pressure to adhere to others expectations, leaving many with an artificial idea of success, a concept that at the end of the day the individual is dissatisfied with. It is important to acknowledge that “success” is a journey but it is also critical to acknowledge that achieving success doesn’t have to be an arduous process, it should be fluent and organic to the individual.

I encourage all of the blog followers to leave feedback whether it be negative or positive. N-OVATE is constantly looking for new approaches and ideas to increase effectiveness and innovation.


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